Value Line Performance Gasket Materials

Value Line Performance Gasket Materials

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Munaco Sealing Solutions, Inc. offers a value line of performance gasket materials for use in OEM gear boxes, OEM exhaust, oil pump, water pump connections. These materials are available in a variety of thicknesses from sheet or roll for both OEM and MRO gasket production. Custom gaskets from these materials can be produced without tooling costs from Munaco's CNC cutter. These value performance gasket materials are an excellent choice for volume production requirements. Call Munaco for a quick turnaround custom made gasket today.

HT...Hi-Tex Products
  • HT Series (Hi-Tex) Details (CLICK HERE!)
  • HT 400...Vermiculite fiber gasket material
  • HT 142...Economy graphite
  • HT 337...Graphite fiber blend
  • HT 654...General purpose high temperature gasket material
  • HT 959...Graphite gasket with tanged steel or stainless steel core
CS...Corseal Products
AR...Armor Products
  • AR Series (Armored) Details (CLICK HERE!)
  • AR 925...Oxidation resistant graphite core gasket material
  • AR 400...Armor clad vermiculite core gasket material
  • AR 897...High temperature fiber core with stell armor exterior
SB...Surbond Products
  • SB Series (Surbond) Details (CLICK HERE!)
  • SB 448...Multi-purpose fluid resistant gasket material with solid metal core
  • SB 643...Solid core universal material for hard to seal flanges
  • SB 643-AL...Aluminum core for marine engine applications
  • SB 582...Performance laminate on solid core.
  • SB 590...Expanded metal core high performance gasket material


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