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Coated Fabrics

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Coated fabric ducting is the most flexible ducting hose available. It is light weight and easy to rout saving you time and energy during installation. Munaco carries a full line of coated fabric ducting for all your applicaiton requirements.

  • Abrasion resistant fabrics
  • From 2" to over 5 FEET in diameter
  • Strong metal outer helix design
  • High temperature capabilities
  • Mechanically crimped designs
  • Self expaning designs available
  • Packages tightly for transport
  • Easily routed due to it's light weight
  • Tighter bend radii
  • Some designs spring expand on their own
  • Highly compressible
  • Neoprene coated polyester fabric
  • Silicone coated polyester fabric
  • Coated nylon fabrics
  • Stainless wire reinforced
  • Plastic wire reinforced
  • Steel wire reinforced
  • Vynil coated polyester fabrics
  • Singly ply
  • Double ply
  • Double helix
  • Single helix
  • UV protected
  • Weatherized designs
  • End connections, Y's, and Tees available

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